Dallas Women's March

Check out the beauty of The Dallas Women's March. 

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PHOTO NOIRE featured in the Women in Transit Project for areyouintransit blog

What inspires me is the fear of being stagnant. The fear of being complacent. The fear of not growing or not experiencing. That is what drives me.
— Morgana Wilborn, Women in Transit (2016)
I think for me I’m just bringing my perspective and my story. Everybody has a different story when they create. No artist is the same. My stories are my own and I’m blessed that people trust me to capture their stories too. It may not be perfect but I pride myself on being perfectly imperfect.
— Morgana Wilborn, Women In Transit (2016)

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Photo Noire featured in BE GREAT Magazine

All I need is good lighting and at least a 50mm lens. Everything else will work itself out in the end.
— Morgana Wilborn, Owner (Photo Noire)

Photo Noire owner, Morgana Wilborn was featured on the cover of the September "Arts Edition" issue of Be Great Magazine.  

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I revel in the forgotten words on walls. Jaded smiles on faces. Quiet moments unseen. People unnoticed but always there. This is what I hope to capture. Whether people like it or not.
— Morgana Wilborn, Owner (Photo Noire)

BG: What do you love most about your photography?

MW: Unfortunately I live in a very "male dominated' and overly sexualized photography industry here in Dallas. My photography celebrates the everyday people that make this city great. It does not fall victim to creating what would be accepted in the young millennial populous.  In Dallas this would include "hipster head shots" and tons of "T&A".  My photography is not perfect. I use crappy equipment at times.  Poor polaroids, broken lenses, dusty camera bodies, over processed 35 mm film. Despite my shortcomings, beautiful images of real people, real places and real things in our day and time are revealed.  I revel in the forgotten words on walls.  Jaded smiles on faces.  Quiet moments unseen.  People unnoticed but always there. This is what I hope to capture. Whether people like it or not.  

BG: Where do you draw your inspiration?

MW: My father's photography is definitely my muse of inspiration. I have copies of beautiful 4x4 square saturated 1960-1970 style photography prints. Taken with a 50mm lens on a Pentax or Canon. Sometimes when I need inspiration for a good Polaroid or Instagram shot,  I pull out his photos.  He was the inspiration for an entire piece where I recreated images he had taken of my mother. He loved to take photos of events, people, smiles, life and especially cars. I love to dig into his old photography archives and equipment. I also love travel photography.  I have to travel.  The colors, buildings, fabrics, people and music of the world give me inspiration.  All I need is good lighting and at least a 50mm lens.  Everything else will work itself out in the end. 

BG: Do you have any upcoming plans or projects?

MW: I really hope to have another art show in the near future. I had three successful shows last year and I would like to continue the trend this year.  I have a few projects in mind that I have been brewing.  I have a couple of book ideas.  I would love to follow up Lovely Forgotten and Polaroid Story with something even more dynamic. I have been dreaming to bring Polaroid Story to a live audience as a spoken word event where the young people featured in the book have a chance to tell their stories aloud in performance.  A reality I hope to see one day.  Other than these current dreams, my true task is to just take more pictures. 


Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  

I am blessed to have my mother in my life to laugh, smile, speak, listen, and just....be around. 

I always told myself that I didn't want to be like my mommy but every day I strove to be just like mommy. Everything about her radiates goodness and beauty. Everything she exhibits shows strength and humility. I yearn everyday to have the integrity and character that she possesses.  Her love and light is a beautiful thing to behold. 

I chose this photograph because it comes from a collection taken by my late father Michael Wilborn.  He was a photographer and he taught me everything that I know.  I still own the family Minolta, of which I admire dearly.    My father took beautifully honest portraits of my mother. I could tell that during this time they were in love.  They were happy.  They were living and excited to be alive. 

Though this picture comparison is not perfectly a match, it shows that just like attempting to wear my mother's clothes, makeup, nail polish and shoes I desired to be just like her. Thoughts?



A Vertical Life Studio presents Jess L. Bell

I was blessed to become the event photographer for my friend Alaric Overbey's company Vertical Life Farms an urban farming company in Deep Ellum Dallas.  Just recently Alaric opened his space as a studio space for artists to showcase work.  My dear friend Jess Bell was lucky enough to be the first solo artist to exhibit work in the space.  The event was held during the Deep Ellum Wine Walk.  Great event with great people.  Enjoy!  Visit jesslbell.com for more art for purchase and visit Vertical Life Farms for more information!


I was asked to capture the solo exhibition show for Ms. Vicki Meek artist and cultural icon extraordinaire as part of her Retirement Extravaganza.  I was blessed to walk in the presence of such beautiful art. She has brought cultural consciousness to a new level....a "goddess level".  We honor our struggle, our ancestors and our story from Africa....Costa Rica....America....and all over the world where the stories of beautiful black people live and breathe.  Thank you Ms. Vicki for your powerful art!

Working with Polaroid Fim

Now I am not the greatest Polaroid photographer.  You will find better photographers of this craft if you troll the internet in your free time.  However I am in love with working with film, Polaroid film in particular.  The element of surprise is what peaks my interest.   I recently completed a photo book entitled Polaroid Story and my assistant Umarae and I were able to capture various portraits on Impossible film of various teens in Dallas.  

Here is a self portrait of myself on Third Man's Record Edition Yellow Film.  

You can purchase here on the Impossible Film site: https://shop.the-impossible-project.com/shop/film/600

mellow yellow

Bryan Adams HS Soccer Team

On February 13, 2016 I attended the DISD JV soccer tournament at Forrester Field to capture the JV soccer team at Bryan Adams HS.  The game ended in 3-3, yet Bryan Adams played with such heart and dedication.  It was an honor to capture them on the field.  Can't wait for the next game!

Click the image below to see the entire set.


I was called in by Jess L. Bell (the artist) to come take pictures for her Advanced Placement students.  They have to prepare an art portfolio for their final senior level AP portfolio submission. So happy to capture the beautiful work of these young people.  I found myself asking students if their work will be available for purchase.  Love supporting the youth in all ways.  

I am for hire for all AP portfolio photography.  Email bookings@photo-noire.com for rates. 

Opening : A Lovely Forgotten

We opened the show A Lovely Forgotten at the Genius Den in Deep Ellum (Dallas, TX).  

Lovely night shared with fellow artists of the evening, Jessica Bell and Cristina Riggs.

Blessed to be surrounded by friends, family and community.  

Photos taken by Photo Noire Intern Umarae Ogans. 



Art and Wine

On December 17th at Floatomic in Deep Ellum.  Myself along with joint artists Jessica Bell and Cristina Riggs put on a dynamic show celebrating women, art and diversity.

Photo Noire debuted Beautiful Reality.  A four piece collection on vulnerability and the beauty of the female body. Especially the love for one's own body and love for self. 

Polaroids taken by Morgana Wilborn or Photo Noire.


Photo Noire featured in February 2015 issue of Mantra Magazine!

A photo of our favorite yogi Nicole Payseur (#13) taken by Photo Noire was featured in the Feb issue of Mantra Mag!  We are stoked and incredibly happy for Nicole.

Nicole is owner of Yoga Diva Productions.  She is a trained yoga instructor in Dallas.  If you are in Dallas, please visit Equinox or Dallas Yoga Center to sign up for her amazing classes!